A simple yet utterly meaningful piece


At some moment in time we came into being, and from one cell, each of us divided into many cells. The cells were growing in a pattern, a template of the human body. We came into this world kicking and screaming, completely naked. Raw. A ball of energy so powerful, we changed lives.  The world our families knew before our arrival was now changed. We brought change the second we began to form.

Ever thought about it? How we change one life, then two, then many? Ever thought of how we change our own lives ? Our decisions, regardless of the rationale or emotion behind it, impact us. We were going somewhere yesterday and a decision to deviate from that course changes everything.

And then there’s aging… God…how we change. My hair isn’t just a chocolate brown anymore, I find grey strands and strands in the process of turning grey…

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you have my word

well. here i am. finally doing it after thinking about it for like a hundred years. Blogging! . another one of those gifts from the new techno oriented world and society where we have to turn to these means to express our selves and hope that someone, preferably a distant stranger would read em and will nod his or her head in appreciation, rather than to go to an actual person next door and just talk. but then again that next door person is perhaps busy writing his own blog at that exact moment as well…
so, i have finally given in too. welcome to my life o digital wizard. I’ll be talking through you and perhaps talking back at you as well.

you have my word!